The Tanning Bed is an object unique to the Spa & Gym in Strangetown Hotel. Using it will make a sim's skin go one shade darker, out of the possible four. Although the effects aren't permanent, they last for a while, and then eventually your sim will revert to their natural skin color. Despite not having any useful gameplay benefit, the Tanning Bed can provide a new look for your sim. Along with the Treadmill, it's one of two items unique to the Spa & Gym.

The Tanning Bed is one of two objects with the ability to change your sim's skin tone, the other being the Mod Bed. This bed actually gives the player the choice of what colors to turn his or her character. The colors are: blue, green, pink, red, purple, orange, white, yellow, silver, and dark blue. This item, however, can only be purchased at the store as the featured item in April.