Strangetown Store (more commonly known as the Store) is one of five buildings and the only shop in Strangetown in The Sims 2.

Johnny Smith works at the store, but as an NPC sims cannot interact with him, and can only buy items from him. Along with the main store counter, there's a special item stand where a monthly item is featured for purchase. Also, there's a Lottery Machine, where your sim can purchase scratch cards in order to win simoleons.

Purchasing itemsEdit

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Various items can be purchased from the store, mainly furniture. Only at certain points in the game are other types of items available to purchase such as when you're required to purchase a replacement for Ava Cadavra's lipstick. The items in the store are refreshed every two days, and there's always 12 items in the store at once, six of which are different varieties of the essential furniture items. The other six items can vary, and can include special objects,

Special itemsEdit

Once every month, a special item becomes available to purchase from the store. There are 12 items in total, one for each month of the year. Below is a list of the special items available in each month.

Image Item Price Month
Arcadebustinout Arcade-Bustin' Out §3000 January
Satinheartbed Satin Heart Bed §2000 February
Arcadespacearmada Arcade-Space Armada §3000 March
Modbed Mod Bed §2500 April
Arcadebilliards Arcade-Billiards §3000 May
Skydivingmachine Sky Diving Machine §2800 June
Arcadedeluxepool Arcade-Deluxe Pool §3000 July
Fireworksdancemachine Fireworks Dance Machine §1500 August
Arcadesisyphus Arcade-Sisyphus §3000 September
Giantjellyfishtank Giant Jellyfish Tank §1000 October
Arcadepiefactory Arcade-Pie Factory §3000 November
Holidayyeti Holiday Yeti §4500 December