A sink is an object in The Sims 2. They do not need to be used by sims, but if used can improve their sanity. All regular sinks are identified as "Porcelain Sink", whereas the deluxe range have colour descriptions. Outside of the store content, unique trough style sinks can be found upstairs in the Saloon Rooms in Mamma's Place.


There are many different sinks available to purchase in the game and found around town, and they're listed below.

Regular sinks - §100Edit

  • Porcelain Sink[1]

Deluxe sinks - §200Edit

  • Deluxe White Sink
  • Deluxe Red Sink
  • Deluxe Green Sink
  • Deluxe Blue Sink

Unique sinksEdit


  1. Note this the universal name for all colour variations. It can be found in white, green, blue, black, yellow and many more.