Simlish is the language spoken by sims in The Sims series and The Sims 2. Although it's branded as the same language across all the games, it can sound different depending on the game. In The Sims 2, certain phrases can be easilty linked to real world words such as ee-hay meaning hi and tira-maur meaning hello, but the language used can vary by sim.

Rough simlish meaningsEdit

As stated above, some in-game simlish is easier to decipher than others, but below is a simple list of what a phrae most likely means or in what context sims will say it.


  • Hello - Tira maur
  • Hi - Eehay


  • Angry - Ooh bah dishnar
  • Sad - Mee ze if oo
  • Restrain - Me za sem key lama