For the whole building, see Mamma's Place

The Saloon is the name given to the main section of Mamma's Place in The Sims 2.

As it makes up the majority of the building, it is often thought of simply being the whole saloon, however the Saloon Rooms lead off of the 2nd floor into bedrooms and toilets. Otherwise, the first-floor of the saloon has an Arcade Machine which customers and the player can use to have fun with, a single game with the Arcade Machine costs §1. Upstairs before the player goes to the Saloon Rooms, there is a dance floor where your sim can go to to dance and interact with other sims. By the east stairs, there's an XAM Satellite Stereo where songs can be selected to be played. Other sims normally keep changing the song to their tastes as well as the player.