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This is a list of rooms in Strangetown Hotel in The Sims 2. Note that some rooms are already built upon starting the game. Rooms take 8 hours to be built when purchased from City Hall. Rooms that are pre built will have the "cost" cell greyed out. In total, §26500 is required in order to purchase every room in the game.

The different types of rooms, generally, are listed below:

  • Guest rooms - These are rooms that can be rented out by hotel guests.
  • Entertainment rooms - These are the rooms in the Atrium that contain entertainment facilities for guests and residents to use.
  • Lobbies - These are the main rooms that lead to other areas or rooms.
  • Other - These are rooms that aren't used by guests and that don't fit into any of the above categories.

Atrium roomsEdit

This is a list of all the rooms leading off the Atrium, otherwise known as the entertainment rooms. Note that characters indicates the immobile characters, if any, that are inside as a permanent role, e.g. behind a bar with no interactions apart from purchasing drinks. This list also includes the Atrium itself. In total, it costs §10000 to purchase every room leading off the Atruim

Image Name Cost Character(s) Hotel score bonus Features
Atrium Atrium
  • Seating
Lion Lounge Lion Lounge §1500 Safari Chick 7%
Spa & Gym Spa & Gym §2500 10%
Tristancasino Snake-Eyes Casino §1500 Keelhaulin' Dealer
Moogoo Monkey Dealer
Sax Lounge Sax Lounge §1000 Cannonball Coleman 7%
Gallery Art Gallery §1000 8%
Asian Emporium Asian Emporium §2500 Futo Maki 10%
§10000 48%

Guest roomsEdit

This is a list of the guest rooms in the hotel, including the Penthouse. In total, it costs §3500 in order to buy the guest rooms that are not already built. All guest rooms can be redecorated, and each have an object limit of 14 items. They all start off with the 6 basic essential objects.

Image Name Cost Base value Hotel score bonus
Smallariel Small Guest Room §400
Deluxe Guest Room Deluxe Guest Room §1500 §800 9%
Jungleariel Jungle Guest Room §1000 §600 8%
Modernroomariel Modern Guest Room §1000 §700 8%
Penthouse Penthouse §1000
§3500 25%

Basement roomsEdit

This is a list of rooms in the Basement.This includes the basement itself. In total it costs §13000 to purchase every basement room.

Image Name Cost Hotel score bonus Features
Basement 2 Basement
Freezer Freezer
  • Meat
Ratcave Rat Cave §3500[1] 7%
Bovine Shrine Bovine Shrine §2500[2] 6%
Vault The Vault §3000[3] 4%
Reactor Room Reactor Room
Warehouse Secret Warehouse §2000 4%
Govlab Government Lab §2000 6%
§13000 27%
  1. Prior to Optimum Alfred's arrival, the Rat Cave will cost 3500 simoleons to build. However when he arrives, Tristan tells you he has built it for free. However in this scenario, Ava doesn't leave her wallet behind (which contains 3500 simoleons) so either way you either get it for free or get your money back.
  2. Unlocked upon reaching an Ava Cadavra goal.
  3. Unlocked upon reaching a Frankie Fusilli goal.


This is a list of the other rooms that aren't in any of the above categories. Note that characters indicates the NPCs, if any, that are inside as a permanent role, e.g. behind the front desk.

Image Name Cost Character(s) Features
Main Lobby Main Lobby Concierge
Manager's Suite Manager's Suite
2ndfloorlobby 2nd Floor Lobby
Sun Deck Sun Deck


Below is the navigation from main areas down to rooms and how they're separated into different areas. Level 1 refers to outdoor main areas, level 2 refers to buildings, level 3 refers to main rooms in a building, level 4 applies only to rooms inside the hotel which lead off a level 3 room.