Jebediah S. Jerky is a resident of Strangetown in The Sims 2. Your sim first meets Jeb when your car breaks down at the start of the game. He offers to take a look at it and suggests that you head over to the hotel while he does so.

After the introduction goals, he doesn't have much of a major role anymore but the player will still see him around town. As he is a resident in Strangetown, he is one of the few sims who can't be checked into the hotel.

You see him towards the end of Ava Cadavra's stay in the Penthouse when he tells you where to get the branding iron. After Ava storms out, he senses there's smoke and suggests that the Deluxe Guest Room is on fire. Once arrival and Optimum Alfred joins, Jeb says that he wishes the user had the opprutunity to leave, but the engine is worse than it appeared. After the conversations, Jeb interacts with things in the Penthouse as long as the user stays. But if they leave and return, Jeb will no longer be there.

His secret is that despite being "old" and "frail" he is a real estate tycoon with several homes in other countries.

He is one of the few men to not be romanced, regardless if the user is female.