Frankie Fusilli is a character and antagonist in Strangetown in The Sims 2. He first appears after the introduction goals where he meets your sim in the Main Lobby and demands free accomodation in the Penthouse, at which point he starts the first chapter of the game.


See also: Frankie Fusilli's goals

After checking in, he demands various things to be done, such as building a vault, digging up metal and dealing with mysterious objects, and giving him 1,000 simeoloens for one plane ticket for his distant cousin, Jimmy the Neck, to come to Strangetown. Of course, Jimmy the Neck is not pleased at all and instead attacks the user and their guests. His aim is to foil the player's plans to help Honest Jackson as he even goes as far to ask you to deliver an explosive wall decoration, a mounted cow-head, to him. Eventually when he asks you to bury the Wriggling Chest in the desert, FBI agent Penelope Redd catches you in the act, and requires you calm him down while wearing a wire in an attempt to get information. He then reveals that he has been money laundering in Strangetown since day one, and is taken away by Penelope. He admits it, but says his lawyers will get him out within a couple days.

After Ava Cadavra's arrival, he, he returns as a regular hotel guest and will promises he'll be a good and proper guest when you check him in. He sticks to his word, unfortunately.

His secret is that he actually prefer's Thai food to Italian.

Though to being Ara's father, he can be romanced by the female user.