The Basement of Strangetown Hotel acts as a plaza for accessing the basement-level rooms in The Sims 2.

Rooms in the Basement are not entered by guests at the hotel, however they may visit the main area of the Basement, apart from the Bovine Shrine. Rooms located on this level are the Reactor Room, Freezer and Government Lab as well as many more. Both The Vault and the Bovine Shrine are located here, and they are required to be built in order for you to advance in the game.


Below is a list of rooms connected to the basement.

Room Cost Purpose Size rank
Freezer Freezer 6
Rat Cave §3500 Lair 1
Bovine Shrine §2500 Worship 4
The Vault §3000 Financial 2
Reactor Room Energy 5
Government Lab §2000 Laboratory 7
Secret Warehouse §2000 Warehouse 3