Ava Cadavra is a character and the second guest to stay in the Penthouse in The Sims 2. She arrives after the departure of Frankie Fusilli when he's taken away by Penelope Redd for illegal activity in Strangetown. She is very demanding and secretive about her cult and frequently says that she wishes to hold conferences.


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Upon her arrival, Ava instantly insists that you build the Bovine Shrine for her. After she is there, she convinces three sims; Ara Fusilli, Auda Sherif and Sancho Paco Panza to worship the Prime Heifer, a statue in the shrine. She then sends you on some small errands to get cowbell and a lipstick, before telling you that you seem unhappy and that you should "buzz off".

At this point, the player receives a mysterious phone call saying to go to the Desert at night and find the pyramid. When you find the crypt in the Desert, Horus Menhoset IX tells you to dig up his sarcophagus from the back of the Oasis. Shortly after he sends you around town to ask about the branding iron. Jebediah S. Jerky tells you that it is in the jail as him and Honest Jackson were using it in there. After retreiving the branding iron, he tells you to brand the Prime Heifer, thereby destroying it. Ava then leaves in a strop and sets the Penthouse on fire.

Note that if you haven't purchased the Rat Cave at this point, Tristan Legend will show you to it, and tell you he has already completed it. In this scenario, the Penthouse will not be on fire. However if you have already built the Rat Cave the Penthouse will be on fire and Jeb will inform you that Ava left her wallet behind containing 3500 simoleons. This is the price of the Rat Cave, therefore either way it is built for free.

After her departure, she returns soon after as a regular guest. She is seen as being better of the three antagonists, but in no means good. If your sim is female, her outfit will be available to unlock when you've completed the game, as well as Mamma Hogg's.

Her secret is that she used to be a ballerina.