The Atrium is the largest room in Strangetown Hotel in The Sims 2. It provides connection from the Main Lobby to the six recreational rooms; the Lion Lounge, Spa & Gym, Snake-Eyes Casino, Sax Lounge, Art Gallery and Asian Emporium.

The Atrium also acts as the entertainment centre of Strangetown, as residents and sims not staying at the hotel will use these recreational rooms. In addition to leading to each of the six entertainment rooms, the Atrium also leads to the Main Lobby through an archway, and also leads to the Town Square round the back of the hotel.

As the largest room in the hotel, it doesn't contain many objects to interact with, however other connecting rooms such as the 2nd Floor Lobby and the Basement contain none. Although sims will appear in the middle section of the Atrium, they will very rarely be seen walking around the perimeter where the doors to the rooms are.


The Atrium has a seating area around a fountain in the middle. Apart from this, it doesn't contain anything else which sims can interact with.


Below is a table showing the Atrium Rooms and information about them.

Entrance Room Cost Purpose Character(s) Size rank
Lionloungeenetrance Lion Lounge §1500 Lounge Safari Chick 3
Spagymentrance Spa & Gym §2500 Health & Fitness 1
Atriumcasinoentrance Snake-Eyes Casino §1500 Gambling Keelhaulin' Dealer
Moogoo Monkey Dealer
Saxloungedoor Sax Lounge §1000 Lounge Cannonball Coleman 2
Artgalleryentrance Art Gallery §1000 Gallery 5
Asianemporiumentrance Asian Emporium §2500 Restaurant Futo Maki 4