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An alien is a type of creature in The Sims 2. They often come to Strangetown in an attempt to take over as it is hot and dry, which they like. Their leader, Emperor Xizzle often orchestrates these attacks, but helps the player near the end of the game in an attempt to defeat Optimum Alfred. Aliens will either gather in the Basement, Atrium, Town Square or on the Sun Deck. They'll also occasionally appear in the Desert if they are holding a sim hostage.

Vanquishing aliensEdit

To get rid of aliens, they must be squirted with the Super Drencher. Once they have all been drenched, you will be rewarded with cash. Alternatively, they can also be defeated by you as the Ratticator which will get rid of them quicker. If you fail with either method, your sim will be abducted from above and wake up in the Manager's Suite. After this, a brief period of slow walking will follow whilst they recover. This also happens when their sanity empties whilst in the Desert.

Time travellingEdit


After time travelling, Emperor Xizzle carries out a full-scale invasion of Strangetown.

Although when your sanity empties in the Desert or you're abduced by aliens the slow walking is temporary, time travelling backwards in the game (by setting the DS time to before the current date) will result in a much longer period of this, even permanent. This can be frustrating for players, as it means it takes a long time to be able to walk around town. It can be resolved by walking into the Desert and waiting for your sanity to run out, then a brief period of slow walking will follow before your sim's movement returns to normal.

The aliensEdit


The four alien minions.

There are 5 recurring aliens in the game. Note that Burple only appear when Emperor Xizzle isn't in the attack, and only appears alongside the other minions.

  • Emperor Xizzle - The leader of the aliens and the first one you meet. He appears mainly at the start and end of the game, and will only appear throughout during alien invasions.
  • Dripple - The blue alien
  • Keeble - The green alien
  • Zimmer - The yellow alien
  • Burple  - The bright green alien
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